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What Customer Audits Can Reveal About Your Processes

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As a prerequisite to the undertaking of new business, many of our customers need to put our foundry, facilities and processes through an audit with hugely stringent criteria.

Thorough customer audits are a standard regular occurrence within the manufacturing industry and this recent audit for the German quality standard VDA 6.3 was no exception.

In order to supply into various sectors for both prototype work and general production the customer visits the client, in this case, ourselves, and works through the set criteria to which quality standards must be met.

The customer awarded Lestercast a score of 97% and was quoted to say “This is the best foundry I’ve ever seen”.

With that in mind, a viewpoint from the outside reveals that our processes are hugely important and always continuously assessed for high standards, something we are delighted is at the forefront of everything we do.

Should you like a tour of our facilities or would like to discuss your forthcoming projects with us, our team would be delighted to help, contact us here. 
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