Investment Casting Process

Investment Casting Foundry & Facilities

Operating from a foundry located in central England, Lestercast is a leading manufacturer of quality castings, supplying components to companies from all industries, across the globe.


In order to facilitate an efficient and effective environment and continue to improve productivity, Lestercast has a unique and unrivalled strategy in developing and maintaining a clean, well organised and modern streamlined investment casting foundry.

We have implemented lean manufacturing systems throughout and, as part of this, we continually inspect and audit our facilities to ensure we maintain high standards in our manufacturing process, produce excellent quality components and achieve on-time delivery for our customers.

Considerable investment has been made in our metal casting foundry, labs and facilities for new equipment, machinery and rapid prototyping technologies to support the diverse and constantly changing needs of the industries we support. We have modern facilities throughout, including high tech conference rooms enabling our customers to visit us in person and discuss projects.

Our metal casting foundry manufactures components in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass & Bronze, Super Alloys and Zinc. If you would like to read more about the grades we cast please visit the specific metal pages of the website.

  Please watch our corporate video below, which gives you the chance to see the investment casting process in action, as well as an overview of the departments involved in producing our quality castings. To read more about the investment casting process please click here. To see photos of  the parts being manufactured in the various departments in Lestercast, please view the gallery below.

We are particularly proud of our modern foundry & facilities and would encourage and welcome existing and prospective clients to visit us for a tour, refreshments and a chat!

If you would like to find out how investment casting could benefit your company, please contact us.

Watch Our New Corporate Video! – a brief insight into how Lestercast excels as a Investment Casting Specialist.


Meet Lestercast’s Managers, watch the investment casting process and see some of our production facilities and the technology we use to produce our quality castings…..

Rapid Prototyping

Wax Printing Lestercast
3D Wax Printers
Lestercast Wax Patterns

The Wax Room

Wax Room Lestercast
Wax - Investment Casting
Wax Process Investment Casting
Lestercast Wax Room
Printed Wax process
IMG 0098 e1661159025325 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Wax Room at Lestercast
Waxes for investment casting
Wax Making Process


IMG 1884 e1661166524435 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Investment Casting Ceramic Coating
IMG 1320 e1661177392909 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Shelling Bentley Flying B e1676388880718 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
IMG 0723 e1661177684235 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Waxes Coated
IMG 1301 e1661166633670 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
IMG 2194 e1661177780676 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Shelling e1676389149422 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services

The Foundry

IMG 2925 e1661159147107 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Investment casting foundry
Lestercast Foundry
Lestercast Investment casting services
Investment casting process
Investment Casting Foundry


Fettling Lestercast
Lestercast Fettling
Fettling Investment Casting


Lestercast Casting Inspection
Inspection Reports
portcollect 13 5154 041ed scaled e1631716208406 - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
CMM Inspection Lestercast
Inspection Services
Inspection services - Spectrometer

Castings Manufactured by Lestercast

Stainless steel investment casting
Investment casting motorsport
Inconel Investment casting oil gas
Investment casting motorsport
Kegal Steel Investment Casting
steel investment casting

Our Offices & Meeting Rooms

Conference Room Lestercast
Small Meeting Room Lestercast
Directors Office Meeting Room Lestercast