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We have a new Laser Room!

We are excited to say that we now have a new Laser Room within our Fettling Department! This, as the name states, is to house all of our laser equipment including the welder and etching machines. The laser welder allows for precise and targeted cosmetic welding of components, such as removal of minor surface imperfections. It dramatically reduces post-processing times vs traditional welding. Our laser marker allows us to offer full part traceability and the ability to mark customer part numbers, logos, batch or individual component serialisation. This is particularly useful for smaller components where conventional identification is not practical.

For a bit of fun we had a ‘naming competition’ to see who could come up with the best name for the new room. Gareth Roberts our Sales Engineer won by overwhelming majority, with ‘The Marks & Sparks Room’ and managed to bag himself a bottle of M&S champagne. Colin Caine (our General Manager) presented the champagne to Gareth at our opening ceremony (photos to the left).

The new room is now complete, with the room title signage over the doors. I hope you agree it looks fantastic.