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Showcasing our Castings at Lotus Exhibition

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The Lestercast Sales team are exhibiting at the Lotus Showcase of Capability in Hethel, Norfolk today. It is hosted by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA).

Lotus Senior Management and Engineers were keen to meet potential new, innovative suppliers from amongst the MIA membership.

The event was held within a 100-acre facility in Hethel, Norfolk. Boasting its own 2.2 mile private test track, utilising in-house research, design and engineering; it has produced over 100,000 Lotus Cars. To help develop the two sports cars and the SUV, Lotus will hire 300 new people this year. The expansion would boost Lotus to 1,100 employees and it is now producing its best ever cars and is the UK’s leading sports luxury brand. They have an increasing worldwide network of 215 sales outlets set to increase to 235 this year.

For further information – please visit the MIA website

We would like to wish Shane good luck for his future and we hope that his remaining time at Loughborough University goes well.