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The Race for the Line competition, partly sponsored by Lestercast, is a school-based initiative where students from Year 7 across the country can enter to compete with their own purpose-built rocket-powered cars which they have designed themselves – supporting engineers of the future.

The team came in position 32 out of 60 on the final day – well done to all involved

Held at RAF Cosford, the team from New College in Leicester came in at a respectable 32nd place out of a total of 60 grand finalists – a fantastic result – well done to all involved.

Every car will need to compete over the same track distance to reach the regional and national finals and will adhere to the same build instructions for consistency. They will need to include a motor and be aerodynamic in shape with purpose-built wheels and must undergo rigorous testing prior to entry.

Students firstly needed to design and make a rocket-powered car using various engineering techniques in order to enter the competition, the qualifying session was held at New College in Leicester.

The ‘Rainbows’ team (below) recorded the fastest time with their car, emblazoned with the Lestercast logo and will go on to compete in May in the regional final with their design.

Race for the line 2019

The fastest car was recorded at over 103mph

The prizes for winning vary from £250 to £1000 of STEM products.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is being used as a basis and foundation for education throughout the UK to encourage younger uptake across all areas of learning and into adulthood and the workplace.

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Engineers of the Future

Engineering and technology subjects continue to be in high demand because they develop key skills employers are looking for. A career in engineering can take many different routes – tips on where to start can be found here via the IET – Institute of Engineering & Technology.