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Riding the Award High – How Far Does the Tidal Wave Travel?

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Well, following on from our EPIC win at the Business Awards two weeks ago now, the ongoing high still remains both with our customers and clients alike. And some fantastic responses from our faithful customers we’ve had too!

“Well done, I knew you were good”, ‘Congratulations”, “Fantastic news and achievement”….to name but a few.

A question that always comes to the forefront when a company has good news to share is –

How and where is the best place to promote something your company is proud of?

  • I pushed this question out to our staff here and the responses were very varied, helpful and slightly obscure, some of them!:-

Aside from the obvious, a continued social media presence on all major channels, sending the media release out to our trusted journal and publications list. Contacting current clients and boasting about our win….what about a Blimp over our premises here shouting the news to the world? Corporate mugs, on the side of our company vehicles…..what are the thoughts of the great British public?

We’ve shared our news with our media contacts, they’ve responded well and we have our name brandished on blogs, websites, journals and more.

We’re splashing our ‘winning’ logo on marketing matter, corporate kit, the company vehicles, email signatures and beyond. We’ve enlisted the help of our faithful friends at Luminati to create us a stylish poster board so we can mount our poster along with our other wonderful wins over the past year or two.

While we can’t help but boast about our successes as a developing and evolving company with a modern and forward approach to expansion and growth, we have to always take that step back to remember that the team maketh the company and the clients make the business what it is. Constantly trying to remain grounded while flinging our way onwards and upwards.

We would like to therefore thank our faithful and devoted staff for the continued input into Lestercast and to our clients and future clients, we’re delighted to have your business and will strive to deliver the best possible service to you.


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