LIBS Analyser
LIBS Analyser Portable
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New LIBS Analyser for Faster Results

Lestercast have just purchased a new handheld LIBS analyser for material verification. This replaces our existing Spectrometer based in our Metrology Lab.

At Lestercast, we use a spectrometer to verify the chemical analysis of metal before it is poured. This is to ensure that it meets our stringent standards. The LIBS analyser provides both efficiency and portability – allowing us to use it freely across our site, with lab quality results on a customisable display at the touch of a button. The analyser is extremely easy to use, durable, and gets fast results.

At Lestercast we are always looking for technology which will enhance our processes. A portable analyser will help to speed up production times and make the verification process easier on a daily basis.

LIBS Analyser