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Lestercast has now been granted ‘Fit For Nuclear’ status following a year-long and challenging process to qualify for the initiative. The company achieved an exceptionally high score on its most recent on-site assessment and is pleased to be one of a few investment casting foundries in the UK to have this accolade.

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) was launched five years ago by the Nuclear AMRC and industry partners to assist manufacturers to prepare for prospective work at all levels within the civil nuclear industry supply chain. F4N is a unique service which enables companies to monitor themselves and their operations against the high-level standards necessary in order to work within the nuclear industry. This is achieved by providing structured support so that all eventualities are addressed and covered in the preparation for such influential work through a series of inspections, on-site assessments and production alterations to fall in line with the stringent criteria.

Lestercast is already highly experienced in producing parts for a diverse and global market place including components into the nuclear industry.

For further information on the Fit For Nuclear initiative, please visit the official Nuclear AMRC website

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Fit For Nuclear Media Release, Lestercast – July 2016


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