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We are extremely pleased that we have, yet again, received top marks from the handful of larger organisations to whom we supply investment castings in their customer production assessments.

As a 1st and 2nd tier manufacturing supplier into some well-known organisations, it’s their responsibility, should they choose to, to carry our inspections and audits to ensure their suppliers achieve and maintain high standards.

Equally, we carry out audits on our clients on a 6 monthly basis for the same reasons. We also do this to ensure that our Quality Standard TS16949 criterion are upheld.

We understand the importance of on-time delivery, performance, quality materials and adhering to the customer’s preferences in all aspects of a job, from conception to design, manufacture and delivery. We are therefore very stringent with our in-house practices here at Lestercast and pride ourselves in our standards.

Our efforts continue to be recognised by these organisations who send through scorecards to their customers at the frequency of their choice. One scorecard received this week details that from a monthly expected standard of 95% for on-time delivery, Lestercast achieved 100% for every month’s delivery over the past year.

A subsequent scorecard showed that from a potential score of 160 over 12 assessed categories, we achieved their A grade standard with a score of 160. The client sent their regards to the team for an excellent performance.

We also maintain, in-house, a high standard of 96% on-time delivery to our customers and keep a very close eye on our productivity. This is what stands us out from the crowd. Take a look at how we score ourselves in the chart below, makes for a very high-achieving organisation and very happy customers!

For information on our services, on-time delivery and more, please contact us and we’d be delighted to discuss these with you.