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Congratulations to Ben on his Retirement!

Lestercast would like to wish our Ben, a long and well deserved happy retirement! Ben has worked for us for over 35 years and will be sorely missed by everyone.

Ben first joined us in our old factory in 1983. He started in the wax room, working with us solidly for 15 years, before leaving for a while. Returning to us five years later in 2003, Ben worked in our wax room and foundry before moving to our shelling department. Here he worked up to a team leader, and remained as team leader for a long time, passing on his experience before reducing his hours and moving to the inspection department. He has worked here ever since, sharing his time between inspection and the deliveries and collections department.

The directors (Chris Batty & Malc Healey), general manager (Colin Caine) & production manager (Craig Townsend) took Ben for lunch to celebrate his retirement and to say thank you for all his hard work and dedication over the last 35 years.

A surprise presentation followed, with Ben receiving a plaque, gifts, chocolates, a framed photo award for ‘The best Lestercast dancer’ and a photo album filled with 35 years worth of the memories from his days at Lestercast. This included photos of Ben involved in all of the teambuilding sessions throughout the years, lots of photos from company nights out/awards ceremonies, and of course, some at work.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, we wish you a long and very happy retirement, Ben.

Ben with Fettling Department Lestercast

Ben with the Lestercast Investment Casting Fettling Team.

Ben with Finance, HR, Marketing Lestercast

Ben with the finance team, HR Coordinator & Marketing Coordinator at Lestercast.

Business Awards Ben -Lestercast

Ben attending the Business Awards with Lestercast.

Photos in left column; Chris Batty & Malc Healey with Ben, Ben with the Lestercast Investment Casting Inspection Team, The Lestercast Investment Casting Wax Room Team with Ben, Ben with the Lestercast Investment Casting Foundry & Shelling Team, Ben with Craig Townsend & Colin Caine.