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Assisting Creative Minds in the Casting Industry

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Lestercast are a keen supporter of encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs and engineers alike and are keen to share our expertise and dedication to assisting students and creative minds in college and university.

We recently worked with a student who is in their final year of studying Jewellery and Silversmithing at the University of Edinburgh in order to facilitate her project work.

The student had created a series of handmade ‘punching’ tools inspired by her home farm (image 1) which were created by hand carving them in wax which Lestercast then cast in steel within our foundry.

The punching tools were then used in the student’s work with some handmade hammers (image 2) to punch into sterling silver to create their own design of fashion jewellery for the collection (image 3).

By supporting the creativity and development of students working directly or indirectly in the Casting industry, Lestercast feels that we are assisting in inspiring the minds and the educational processes to develop expertise in the casting and manufacturing sector.

Lestercast have recently been working with several other universities who are working within a researching, development and business profiling capacity towards their Degree projects in the engineering sector also.

For further information, please drop us a line.

Photographs courtesy of Shannon Tofts.

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