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Digital Advancements and 3D Scanner Enables In-House Reverse Engineering Technology

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Constantly evolving and ever-competitive, the world of 3D scanning and digitizing is on the move again and taking Lestercast with it.

In our possession is the new portable Artec 3D Space Spider Scanner which will fully enable the process of reverse engineering within our casting business and open up yet another form of process and product development.

First created for the international space station, this state-of-the-art piece of equipment enables digital images to be replicated on screen by means of physically scanning virtually any item.

Using specific light to scan, identify textures and replicating in full-colour through a specialised software package, the 3D Scanner is already in full use within the business with capabilities to use in all departments.

Imagine scanning something, instantly creating a digital 3D image of it on screen and then send it to be 3D printed and replicated – this is how technology is developing across Lestercast.

For use in casting technology and development, the fast and easy methodology of obtaining measurements, dimensions, surface size and volume is a fantastic stride forwards.

3D Scanner Training

The Lestercast team were privy to an in-house training seminar this week to further enlighten them into the capabilities of this portable scanning machine and the accompanying software package.

For enquiries relating to reverse engineering and the use of our high-tech equipment including 3D Printing, waxes and scanning for tooling and investment casting, contact us here.