16 Reasons to Choose Lestercast for your Castings!

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16 Reasons to Select Lestercast for your Investment Casting!

  1. Award winning business in Manufacturing and employer
  2. Quality certificates in TS16949 and ISO 9001
  3. Rapid Prototypes prepared in 1/3 time of other casting firms
  4. Process scrap and wastage runs at 50% less than our competitors
  5. Lean Manufacturing principles throughout the site
  6. “The cleanest and most well organised foundry” our customers tell us
  7. Controlled traceability bespoke to customer requirements
  8. Diverse customer portfolio – we work across all industries and sectors
  9. Thin walled castings are our speciality
  10. Innovative and continually striving for new product and process development techniques
  11. Friendly, long-established workforce
  12. Our average on-time delivery is 96% for both UK and China parts.
  13. Stockholding onsite for existing customers
  14. Strict 100% inspection for everything made in our China facility
  15. Working towards ISO 14000 Environmental standard
  16. Working towards nuclear quality accreditation NSQ-100

BONUS POINT:- We’re a great bunch of people to work with and will make every effort to meet your needs!


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