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What’s the Environmental Impact?

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Within any business it is always of the utmost concern to implement effective waste management streams; this is most certainly the case in a manufacturing business such as Lestercast.

Effective waste management doesn’t relate to just paper and office waste and environmentally disposing of it in the best capacity possible as you may initially think; it boils down to many other methods and practises that need to be put into place to ensure the business follows stringent waste guidelines and policies relating to all products and recyclable waste too.

Local Governments monitor all waste and practises by organisations that fall within their designated areas. Environmental Permits are issued accordingly which are subject to risk assessments at various intervals in accordance with the Environmental Sustainability Policy.

All business wastes collected come with waste transfer notes to keep for records and proof of ethical recycling practices.

For an insight into the specific areas of our manufacturing business and its intricate practises and methods of disposal, please read on:-

Wax Room and Shelling Department

Spent wax from the De-waxing process (which is melted out using an Autoclave machine) is sent for recycling and turned into various wax grids for re-use.

Foundry Department

Ceramic waste from ‘knocked out’ cast moulds is yet to be recyclable in its broken down forms but various industry representatives are in the process of trying to alter this for the entire sector.

Scrap metal is sent away for re-melting which is made into ingots of various metal grades.

Office Waste

Office waste is sorted externally and subsequently recycled appropriately.

Waste Wood

Waste wood generated is shredded and used externally.

Waste Cardboard

Cardboard is baled and recycled externally.

Waste Nitric Acid

This is diluted to 30% strength and collected by an appropriate waste management company who then recycles the Nitric Acid ready to be resold.

General Waste

This is held in a skip and sent to landfill accordingly.