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What do certifications mean to your business?

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What do certifications mean to your business?

Imagine a world with out exams, qualifications and continually striving to better yourself and your organisation – simpler? maybe. Stress-free? Perhaps but if you don’t climb that success ladder and stand out from the crowd, you are merely one of the others.

For Lestercast, the continued high standard we put into our work and innovation we instill into all of our process developments together with our Quality Standards – we like to stand out from the crowd.

We hold, and have recently requalified for the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 qualification for our manufacture of precision castings by the lost-wax process.

We also pride ourselves in our TS16949 Automotive accreditation which has allowed us to supply directly into the European Automotive sector. One of the only investment casting companies in Europe to have this quality standard.

Continuous improvement is a measure of our own sucess – in house. We always improve and we’re continually climbing fowards and upwards!

For information on our Quality standards – please click on the link.


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