Lestercast Promotions

We Are Pleased to Announce Some New Staff Promotions…

Deputy Team Leaders

Over recent months we have re-evaluated the Team Leaders day to day activities and acknowledged that to enable them to focus greater attention on efficiency and output within their department, as well as the wider business objectives, it is important for us to provide additional support to enable them to fulfil this obligation.

In recognition of their efforts and support, already provided to their Team Leader, we are pleased to announce that Joe Boyall, Mina Parmar and Kirsten Purdy will be stepping up to take on the role of Deputy Team Leader with immediate effect.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Joe, Mina and Kirsten well in their extended role and alongside your Team Leader, will give them your full support in helping to drive and take the business forward.

Craig Townsend

Production Manager