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Lestercast is so pleased to receive this letter (right) from Nicola at the Birmingham University Clinical Trials Unit. The clinical trials unit supported our much loved colleague and friend, Chris French who passed away in July 2020 from Bowel Cancer.

Globally renowned for their academic excellence, Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) collaborates with clinician investigators driving cutting-edge research, with a focus on treatments that will change outcomes for people with cancer. Their trials play a large part in influencing new medical practice, improving patient care and reducing treatment side effects.


Lestercast have supported this charity over the last few years and will continue to do so in Chris’ memory.

If you would like to read more about the clinical trials unit or donate to this worthy cause, please visit

Dear Lestercast,

I am pleased to confirm that your very generous donation arrived before Christmas, and has been sent to Professor Andrew Beggs’ research into bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is particularly difficult to diagnose since many of its early symptoms are also indicative of other, less life-threatening, conditions. However, catching bowel cancer early is crucial, since 90% of bowel cancer patients who are diagnosed in the earliest stage of the disease survive for at least five years.

To that end, Birmingham researchers, led by Professor Andrew Beggs, are developing a genetic test to identify those most at risk of developing bowel cancer. This test would identify individuals who need more regular cancer screening to catch bowel cancer before they even develop any symptoms. Early diagnosis could save so many lives and Birmingham’s research could lead to us all having a Personal Risk Score, identifying the inherited indicators in our individual genes that would tell us if we are more likely to develop bowel cancer.

The very generous donations from Lestercast help this research to take place, to hopefully ensure that in the future less people are sadly taken by this cruel disease. I’m certain that Chris would be thrilled to know that these donations in his name will help save lives, so thank you very much on behalf of us all here at the University of Birmingham.

Kind regards,

Nicola Belli

Legacy and In Memory Giving Officer   T: 07770 348 950

University of Birmingham, Development & Alumni Relations Office

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Lestercast also support a local charity – OUR AIM, which is a charity set up to support individuals and families who have been affected by cancer.

OUR AIM provides funding for a wide range of needs, to cover such things as:

  • Travelling expenses for ongoing treatment
  • Subsistence costs for parents having to stay with a child in hospital long term
  • Day trips and short breaks often in the case of terminal illness
  • Extra heating bills
  • Phone installation for emergency situations
  • Special equipment or aids
  • Special clothing or footwear
  • Adapted car seats, furniture and buggies
  • Special activity breaks or holidays
  • Respite Care

The cost of illness or disability is far reaching and often long term. OUR AIM is committed to relieving at least one small part of the pressure, so that these individuals or families have one less thing to worry about at a time when they are facing an uncertain future, reduced income and increased expenses.

If you would like to learn more about this charity or donate, please visit their website –