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The Benefits of Investment Casting a Three Port Collector

Category: Automotive, Case Study

A high-end global automotive company.

A three port collector for a hypercar.


Due to the complex shape, the component is traditionally welded together from 4 separate parts. This means that the production times are relatively long due to the welding and subsequent testing of the internal and external welding, that follows. This is required in an attempt to prevent the component from cracking at high temperatures when in use. The precision of the welding is extremely important as slight discrepancies in thickness would inhibit performance.

To achieve the highest quality performance component possible, the customer approached Lestercast to investment cast the product. Investment casting the 3 port collector would mean that the part could be cast as one piece, with just machining required for the inlet and outlet ports. Using the investment casting process would provide a uniform thickness of 1.8mm and eliminate the need for welding entirely.

A superior product is manufactured, minimising the risk of product failure and increasing performance.

Inconel 625 was chosen for its high strength and durability at high temperatures.

As with all components that we produce, our engineers used MAGMASOFT® simulation software to analyse the casting design. Simulation is very useful, particularly when analysing thin-walled components. It can speed up the process considerably by highlighting any possible defects that could occur on the component ahead of production. Simulation software can evaluate the best location for the feed gates (so that it doesn’t impede on ‘A’ faces) and other aspects like filling simulation, aims to avoid misrun and other temperature related issues. We also use solidification simulation, with the aim of insuring that there is no porosity present in our castings.

Our customers benefit considerably from Lestercast’s simulation process as design modifications can be made at an early stage eliminating costly trials and reducing production time. We have the ability to share simulation results with our customers, easing communication and improving the decision making process.