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The Advantages of Lost Wax Casting

  • VAST RANGE OF METALS – Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, & Super Alloys can be cast using the lost wax process.
  • AFFORDABLE TOOLING –  Cast using an Aluminium tool.
  • TIGHT TOLERANCES – A tighter tolerance can be achieved than with other casting methods.
  • SMOOTH SURFACE FINISH – Compared to sand casting due to using fine coated ceramic moulds.
  • RANGE OF CASTING SIZES & WEIGHTS – We are able to supply lost wax cast parts from 6mm, up to able one cubic metre, and up to 120kg for ferrous and 40kg for Aluminium.
  • LOW VOLUMES – Lower volumes can be relatively cheap, due to the lower tooling costs. There’s also an option of 3d printing the wax patterns replacing the need for tooling entirely.
  • RE-USABLE MATERIALS – Wax patterns can be melted down and used again. The metals are also recyclable.
  • IDEAL FOR COMPLEX SHAPES – Tooling for the lost wax casting can feature sliding pieces and cores which form wax patterns that initiate the process of lost wax casting.
  • NEAR NET SHAPE – Minimal machining required.

If you would like to know more about the lost wax casting process, please visit our process page.

Bentley B casting by Lestercast
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