As part of the ongoing investment in our premises here at Lestercast, our brand new Research and Development Centre is beginning to take shape before our very eyes. From what once was a storage space is now a modern, clean working environment to develop our expanding organisation even further.

Always keen to strive forwards in innovation and design, our newly plastered R&D centre will clearly be an excellent space for product and process development, a must in the modern business.

Research and development is at the forefront with any entrepreneurial organisation wishing to push ahead in innovation. At Lestercast we are continually striving to improve, diversify and build on our techniques and with our newly completed centre in place – applied research into scientific methods of our business can more effectively be carried out in-house at the benefit of the end user, our customers.

Take a look at the pictures to see just how this is has all come about.


/News Items/RD-Centre-Before-1 /News Items/RD-Centre-Before-2


During & After

/News Items/RD-Centre-No-Wall!

/News Items/RD-Centre-During-3


/News Items/RD_Centre_1 /News Items/RD_Centre_2

/News Items/RD_Centre_3 /News Items/RD_Centre_4
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