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Ready, Steady, Go….Training and Competing….

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We’ve been training hard and competing this week, not in the athletic sense as such…but more so in that the staff have been taking part in various training courses and we’ve had our interview for The Family Business Awards.

Lestercast are fully aware that our staff need to be nurtured and constantly challenged in order to make them feel their worth, get them to take pride in our business and strive forwards in achieving goals – both for the company, professionally and on a personal level.

That said, we are very happy to have been shortlisted as a finalist as Employer of the year at this year’s Family Business Awards which are to be held later on in the year. We’re so very proud of this accolade because it means we’re doing something right.

This week saw our Managing Director, along with our Sales Manager and Works Manager attend the interviews which all shortlisted finalists attend in order for a winner to be chosen. This took place in Birmingham and we’re told it went very well. The category, judged by Beckets Farm, is a new category for this year’s awards. We look forward in anticipation for the results in November.

Alongside the award judging, this week our staff have been on various training programmes to further build them as experts in their fields within our business. We’ve had training on:-

Social Media, Google Analytics and also Innovation in Action training, the latter of which was taken by external organisations in-house in our onsite conference facility.

We value our staff and with our mission statement:-

“To be the most innovative and successful casting technology specialist in Europe”

Hand in hand with our directorship’s ethos of:-

“Treat people as we wish to be treated ourselves”

We run with the following as our ultimate goal –

“Make money, have fun”
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