A Winter ‘Wolf Run‘ is essentially a 10K run amalgamated with an outdoor obstacle course through the mud and braving the elements!

A team of 20 from Lestercast will be taking on the challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support this November in support of our colleague Chris French who is currently fighting Cancer himself. Please see the link below.

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Chris’ Story

As you may be aware, I was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare form of Bowel Cancer back in June of this year which obviously came as a huge shock for my family, friends and colleagues alike. I’ve been receiving Chemotherapy for around 4 months now which is going very well, already I am seeing positive results with the tumour reducing in size and the sites across my Liver confirmed as receptive to the treatment. It will be a long road to recovery, but I remain confident that through a solid network of support and my desire to fight, I can come through the other side.

In addition to my close network of support, I have also had the benefit of speaking with the Macmillan team which I have to say has been a big help. The work they do and the time they give is crucial to any patient living with Cancer and for this reason I would like to give something back.

Through the fantastic support of my employer Lestercast Ltd and in particular one of my colleagues Aaron Smethurst, we have decided to enter a team into this year’s Winter Wolf Run OCR event held at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire.

The Wolf Run is approximately 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course. The concept behind the Wolf Run is to re-create the feeling of running in natural terrain – a wild run that allows people to experience natural, raw running conditions as far as possible whilst also presenting runners with a challenging, interesting and enjoyable event.

The ‘Lesterpack’ Team

Lesterpack - rest of the team
More of the ‘Lesterpack’ team
Elise French - Lestercast Investment Casting Services
Elise French, Chris’ Wife who has joined the ‘Lesterpack’

The Lestercast staff are right behind Chris and his treatment and have a team of 20 signed up to take part on Sunday, November 3rd 2019.

Taking part from the company is:-

Peter Johnson, Aaron Smethurst, Craig Townsend, Richard Smith, Marc Healey, Gareth Roberts, Dennis Hewitt, Mirel Dinu, Dilip Pancholi, Bipin Parmar, Dilip Parmar, Mina Parmar, Makhan Gahir, Owen Hara, Hemlata Chauhan, Dawn Batty, Jo Pickard, Erikka Samuel, Elise French, Sean Faulkner

Chris said: “I am with regret not able to participate in the event myself as the risk of infection while receiving Chemotherapy is simply too high. I will however show my support to the team by attending on the day and tracking their progress as they negotiate the course. We would all be very grateful if you can show your support by helping us reach our fund raising target of £650. I have set up a JustGiving page which can be found by clicking the link below, money raised will go directly to the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity. 

Just Giving Donation Page Link