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Lestercast Helping the NHS in Bid to Protect Key Workers

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3D-Printed Face Shields In Production

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full-swing, Lestercast, in partnership with Bryan Dransfield (Digital Echo), has pulled out all the stops to assist where they can using their 3D printing expertise.

Currently in production for local medical practitioners are some essential basic protective equipment visors which are part-printed on 3D printers co-purchased by Lestercast.


The top face bands of these vital face shields and the stability band at the bottom of the visor are plastic printed on one of two Ultimaker 3D printers and put together with the crucial visor material (flexible face acrylic) and secured with a headband for comfort at the back.

It is hoped the visors can be produced at the rate of 100 per week, assembled, sealed, shipped off securely. These will then ultimately help in maintaining a healthy barrier for key-workers who are fighting so tirelessly to help patients affected with Coronavirus.