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Investment Casting Aluminium Components for the Electric Vehicle Industry

Benefits of Investment Casting for the Electric Vehicle Industry

Investment castings have become integral to the production of critical electric vehicle (EV) components such as motor housings, battery enclosures, and structural components. Their ability to maintain tight tolerances and intricate designs while offering superior strength-to-weight ratios makes them ideal for enhancing vehicle performance and range. This method also ensures near-net-shape parts with minimal material waste – a crucial aspect in the sustainability-focused EV industry.

Investment Casting Aluminium Components for the Electric Vehicle Industry

Investment castings enable manufacturers to utilise materials like Aluminium further reducing the overall weight of EVs without compromising structural integrity. This weight reduction translates into improved energy efficiency and extended driving range, addressing key concerns of EV consumers. The scalability and cost-effectiveness of investment casting processes make them viable for both mass production and prototype.

Lestercast have been producing Aluminium castings in our UK foundry for over 50 years. We are able to produce 3d printed wax patterns, replacing the traditional wax patterns, usually used as part of the investment casting process. This considerably reduces lead times by eliminating the need for hard tooling and customers also benefit from cost reduction on lower volumes.

Lestercast continuously invest in new technology and refine our processes to achieve the highest quality components possible for our customers. We produce over 1 million parts annually for 170 different global companies, using over 100 metal specifications, across 20 different industry sectors.

If you would like more information on the metal grades that we cast, please visit out Technical Data page, here you will find the specification sheets and tolerance info. If you would like to read more about Lestercast, please visit our About us page. You can also find information on the investment casting process by following this link.