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Driven by Innovation, Quality and Excellence, Lestercast are excited to announce the addition of the latest generation, high resolution wax 3D Printers to their current suite of 3D Printing technologies.

Already providing us with great success within the Autosport industry, the ProJet printer enables us to offer our customers high-quality complex castings without the need for any tooling, or where tooling is simply too expensive, maintaining Lestercast as your perfect solution for rapid, low volume production.

Waxes printed on the ProJet machines enable intricate details to be included in the designs which were not possible as one-piece waxes using the conventional ThermoJet machines. ProJet waxes have all of their wax support material removed by dissolving in an IPA solution making it possible to clean intricate apertures and pockets that simply cannot be cleaned conventionally on ThermoJet waxes. This means that highly specialised parts can be manufactured with ease.

For further information on the processes involved, our 3D printing abilities or to request a quotation, please contact us.


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