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Essential Qualities of a Highly Successful Marketing Campaign – The Corporate Video

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This past week, we’ve had our film crew, gurus, experts, extraordinaires in to take our corporate film to the next level!

Having obtained a Grant to part-fund our media output which we’re dedicating solely to the regeneration of our corporate video, we’re on a roll to put this out to the general media and share with our clients and potential new business partners to prove just how good we are at what we do.

The marketing and sales teams got together and decided that it was essential to keep the material fresh and our promotional matter, especially our corporate video, was the first output to be challenged. We’ve had input from our General Manager and Sales Manager as to what needs to be included to show our processes in a modern, dynamic and simplistic manner and structured our storyboard to represent this.

As a corporate video is a live ‘brochure’ as to who you are as a company, why not invest in the impact it is most certainly going to give to wavering clients deciding on who will be the manufacturer of choice. Make it a home run, kick that ball into the goal with a fantastic representation of just who you are and where your product is made.

We anticipate the new Lestercast video, which consequently won’t replace our traditional film that delves into processes and practises of our products, will be ready and up for promotion in the next 4-6 weeks. Watch this space! We certainly are!


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