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Ammonite Casting in Stainless Steel

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We don’t just focus on industrial and commercial castings….Ammonite Casting expertise is also now a specialty!

Writer, geologist and artist – Jon Ardeman recently contacted Lestercast for assistance. He was keen to cast some stainless steel ammonites which he had masterminded during lockdown.

Created originally through sculpting, carving and casting in plaster, resin and concrete. The next stage was to have the pieces cast by Lestercast.

Not something Lestercast is asked to do too often, the bespoke-made ammonite was then formed in stainless steel from a wax model through our investment casting process.

The process of casting the ammonite to retain such intricate design features; to minimise the porosity of the piece and maximise the surface quality was further enhanced through the use of simulation software and reverse engineering.

Now used as book-ends and tea-light holders, the specialist pieces certainly do catch the eye.



Jon said,

“It might be an interesting ‘conversation piece’ to demonstrate your team’s skill and versatility!”


Anyone wishing to see more of Jon’s work can visit:



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