Meet the Lestercast Team

At the core of Lestercast’s success is its dedicated and experienced team who are proactive in developing professional working and business relationships.  Highly motivated, but with a sense of humour, our staff are committed to providing customers with the best possible service in a friendly and mutually co-operative environment. 

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Senior Management

view profile General Manager, Colin Caine

General Manager, Colin Caine

Colin Caine

Oversees all aspects of the business to ensure it runs smoothly.

Supporter of Manchester City Football Club and occasionally tries to hit a golf ball straight! Colin's catchphrase - "Bring it on!"

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view profile Managing Director, Chris Batty

Chris Batty

Chris Batty

Focussed on making Lestercast the best privately owned investment casting facility in the UK.

Main hobby is rebuilding and racing vintage cars in specialised sports car events. Keen on DIY, gardening, tennis and water skiing!

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view profile Sales and Technical Director, Malcolm Healey

Sales and Technical Director, Malcolm Healey

Malcolm Healey

Business development, sales and technical support.

Loves watching and playing sport, reading, eating and drinking (the red stuff). Also likes a bit of fun, banter and a wind-up! Malc's catchphrase - "We're so proud!"

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view profile Business Development (European Sales), Martin Thomas

Business Development (European Sales), Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas

European sales and business development.

Committed Christian. Bruce Springsteen fanatic. Squash and tennis player extraordinaire!

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view profile Business Development (UK), Mike Jones

Business Development (UK), Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Uk Sales and business development.

Lover of golf and Rugby Union and the socialising it demands!

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view profile Marketing and Office Manager, Diane Healey

Marketing and Office Manager, Diane Healey

Diane Healey

Manages the marketing, IT and HR activities for the company.

Affectionately known as 'the florist'. Loves travelling, music and walking.

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view profile Marketing Assistant, Jo Pickard

Marketing Assistant, Jo Pickard

Jo Pickard

Responsible for marketing and PR activities within the company.

First and foremost a caretaker of my two young children (and husband). Escapism is found through laughter, music, film, relaxing, cooking and travel (all with a nice chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand!)

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view profile Office Administrator, Lynne Waters

Office Administrator, Lynne Waters

Lynne Waters

Supports the Sales Team in producing quotations and reports in addition to general office administration.

Loves to spend time with family and friends and especially enjoys looking after her granddaughter. Great sense of humour and can often be with a glass of red in hand!

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view profile Sales Engineer, Gareth Roberts

Sales Engineer, Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts

Prepares quotations and provides support to customers.

Keen supporter of Hednesford Town FC, so apparently, he knows nothing about football!

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view profile Sales Engineer, Gath Richards

Sales Engineer, Gath Richards

Gath Richards

Supporting the Sales Team both commercially and technically with potential and new business. Project management role with selected new and existing customers.

Failed golfer; known to like a few drinks; one season supporter of Leicester City FC.

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view profile Sales Manager, Marc Healey

Sales Manager, Marc Healey

Marc Healey

Responsible for new business sales, enquiries and quotations in addition to providing technical support where required.

A great enthusiast and participant of many sports. Resident office practical joker.

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view profile Production Control Manager, Craig Townsend

Production Control Manager, Craig Townsend

Craig Townsend

Plan and control the entire manufacturing process ensuring that orders are on schedule.

A family supporting, production planning, food and drink indulging, Aston Villa supporter and all round sports enthusiast!

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view profile Works Manager, Neil Townsend

Works Manager, Neil Townsend

Neil Townsend

Responsible for purchasing consumables, maintaining all equipment, Lean Champion. Advisor and friend to all team members with nearly three decades of experience.

Faithfull armchair supporter of the almighty Aston Villa. Great sense of humour if a little odd at times!

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view profile Project Engineer, Chris French

Project Engineer, Chris French

Chris French

A project management role encompassing all aspects of engineering, quality and the interface between suppliers and customers.

A very open minded person with many interests outside of work including a passion for cars (nothing sounds better than the sound of a highly strung 6.7 Chevy block!) and a keen follower of Chelsea FC!

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view profile Technical Manager - Martyn Whelpton

Technical Manager - Martyn Whelpton

Martyn Whelpton

Supporting the team with the Technical stuff! Involved with process improvements, scrap reductions and any special projects.

A bit of a petrol head! – enjoy watching anything on two or four wheels that is fast and loud – nothing quite like the sound of a big V8! Regularly seen walking the “hound” to the local pub for a pint or two of the landlords finest Real Ale. Enjoy watching most sports as well as being an armchair supporter of Chesterfield FC!

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view profile Quality Engineer, Aaron Smethurst

Quality Engineer, Aaron Smethurst

Aaron Smethurst

Maintains and updates the company's Quality Management System to the relevant standards.

Residential practical joker and big football fan.

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view profile Quality Manager, Peter Johnson

Quality Manager, Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Manages and maintains the Quality Standards within the company and ensures that Lestercast delivers the best possible customer service.

Father, husband and absolute sports nut, reduced to spectating rather than participating, but still gets a kick at beating the boss on the golf course!

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view profile Human Resource Administrator, Lindsey Braimbridge

Human Resource Administrator, Lindsey Braimbridge

Lindsey Braimbridge

Responsible for all Human Resource and Health & Safety matters within Lestercast.

Part-time Human Resources administrator, full-time mum's taxi, maid, cook, teacher, nurse and referee!

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view profile Accounts Administrator, Heather Kemp

Accounts Administrator, Heather Kemp

Heather Kemp

Responsible for the company's Purchase Ledger.

A dancing diamond, enjoying everything to do with music and The Arts.

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view profile Finance Manager, Dawn Batty

Finance Manager, Dawn Batty

Dawn Batty

Manages the accounts function within Lestercast.

Vintage car trialling (navigator and bouncer), playing tennis and dog walking.

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view profile Senior Accounts Administrator, Julie Bosch

Senior Accounts Administrator, Julie Bosch

Julie Bosch

Responsible for the company sales ledger and other accounting functions including problem solving anything 'accounts'!

Loves walking, reading and cooking. Likes to try out different recipes after watching Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay!

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